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Lesvos, the island for everybody...

Lesvos, the island for everybody

Molivos (Mithymna) Petra Petra Avlaki Molivos Skala Sikaminias The Roman Aquaduct
Lesvos in Black & White (Photo Gallery) 

  Location: Lesvos is situated north of Chios and south of Limnos, in the northeastern corner of the Aegean Sea. The island is about 15 km from the coast of Asia Minor and 188 nautical miles from the port of Piraeus. It is the third largest of the Greek Islands, measuring 1630 sqkm with 320 km of beaches, very green Island covered with 11 Mio. Olive trees, pine forests, orchards vine yards and rich gardens. Olympos and Lepetimnos are mountains measuring 1000m each.

  History: The human presence at Lesvos commences from prehistoric times. Since archaic times the island has been an important military, trade and manufacturing center. Lesvos was occupied by the Byzantines 312-1355, by the Genovese 1355-1462 and by the Turks 1462-1912. Since that time, after the Pact of Lausanne, the island is belonging again to Greece.

  Geography: The island has two enchanting bays, the bay of Kalloni and the bay of Gera, with beaches developed for tourism or isolated and peaceful. Small valleys run between the many mountains and hills, with small rivers, natural springs and waterfalls. The landscape is covered by pine forests, olive groves and regions volcanic stones. Agricultural plains are limited of those of Kalloni, Ippeos, Perma and Skala Eressos. Lesvos is a natural paradise as the climate is temperate with very rare snowfall in winter.

  Weather: The season starts in beginning of April and ends by the end of October. Lesvos is famous for the mor sunny days per year than any other Aegean Island. Due to its mild and healthy climate with its temperate winter, its many rainfall, its bright spring and sunny summer, Lesvos is a very productive Island.

  Population: The populationis approx. 100.000 in total, the majority of its inhabitants work in agriculture others are employed in fishing and tourism. The population in the capital of Mytilini is approx. 29.000, the rest is spread all over the island.

  Geology: The Island of Lesvos is the result of volcanic eruptions and its anomalous and stony with a lot of mineral water springs. The vatiety of its land (mountain, flat, valley like …) creates a respective variety of landscapes with contrast.

  Entertainment: All different kinds of entertainment from the traditional Greek tavernas and kafenios to chic restaurants, bars and discos are available to tourists of every age.

  Shops: Different kind of shops (jewelery shops, boutiques, ceramic shops) are available all over the Island. Tourist Shops opening hours: 7 days a week from 08:30 to 24:00 hrs.

  Sports: Tennis courts and water sports like: surfing, water-ski, paragliding, scuba diving, kayaking are available on several beaches of the island, concentrated mostly in Molivos, Petra, Skala Kallonis and Skala Eressos.

  Art: Lesvos is an island with a long history – homeland of Sappho, the poetess & Alkaios, the poet. Arion the lyre player & the famous musician Terpandros – which today continues its tradition by producing first – rate names in painting, poetry and literature like: Odysseas Elytis – he won the nobel for literature 1979, Stratis Mirvillis, Ilias Venezis & Theofilos – the painter.

  Birdwatching: Lesvos is known to the birding world as one of the best locations in Europe to see migrating birds. The island’s vast and varied landscape offers numerous species of birds. It is heaven, not only for birds, but for birdwatchers, too. Birdwatchers arrive in droves in the spring & this is also the best time to see the beautiful display of wildflowers.

  Olives: Many of the olive trees on Lesvos are approximately 400 years old. The olives are used mainly for the production of oil, rather than pickling. It is pure, extremely tasty, it has as well high quality and is mostly from biological productions.

  Ouzo: Most owners of kafenios in Greece will admit that the best Ouzo is coming from Lesvos. The Island is known for its special ouzo production. In the kafenios ouzo is served with a meze, which can be anything from a salad, stewed meat and vegetables, Sardelles pasta (Skala Kallonis is famous for its sardelles), bread, meatballs, cheese, sausages or fried potatoes. The best Ouzo of Lesbos are: Ouzo Plomari, Ouzo Veto, Ouzo Kefi, Ouzo Mini.
The largest Ouzo company in Mytilini is EPOM, now know as Pernod Ricard Hellas.


Lesvos in Black & White                                            

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